Wednesday, May 04, 2005

"South Park" Conservatives?

Shtrumgruppa and I have talked about whether or not we qualify as "neocons." This was a term I believe was created to be a derogatory name for a small sub group of conservatives who tend to be hawkish on defense issues. Being a "recovering liberal," myself, I do believe that the term does fit. However, now there is a new term that has been invented to describe the newer trend in conservative punditry and blogging, the "South Park Conservative."

This term I have problems with. While I have been known to enjoy the occasional episode of South Park (I even use Cartman as an example in one of my lectures), I am not sure the term is appropriate. The problem as I see it is that South Park, isn't conservative. As Michelle Malkin put it "South Park" may be "politically incorrect." But "politically incorrect" is not always a synonym for "conservative."

That sums up my displeasure with the term, but also highlights a liberal fallacy. Just because I disagree with you doesn't make me "bad." If you disagree with a liberal, you are automatically classified as a conservative, and as Howard Dean has told us, being conservative is bad. South Park takes aim at both conservative and liberal issues. I personally don't know, and can't really tell what the political slant of South Park is. Hell, discussing the political slant of a cartoon series like South Park is ridiculous to me. You can call me a neocon, but please don't all me a "South Park Conservative."