Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Star Chamber

This from today's Detroit Free Press:

Brasilia, Brazil - South American and Arab leaders opened an unprecedented summit Tuesday to foster cooperation aimed at undercutting the international influence of the United States.

Long story short, some top dogs from 34 (!) South American, Middle Eastern, and north African nations met for the first-ever Summit of South American-Arab Countries. Don't know about you, but there's a vague missiles-in-Cuba feeling to the whole affair. A bunch of clunky, corrupt, and backward Arab regimes having a little cloak-and-dagger is nothing new, but when a bunch of clunky, corrupt, and backward South American regimes also becomes involved, it starts shaping up like a huge game of Clue. Question: who whacked Uncle Sam? Answer: Everybody.

South America's has been drifting for some time now, however. Venezuela is basically Cuba with oil and Hugo Chavez is Manuel Noriega with access to Clearasil. But according to Huáscar Terra do Valle, Brazilian lawyer and writer, Brazil is also on its way to a form of neo-Communism ; achieved through evolution as opposed to revolution. I guess central planning and Soviet-style shortages never lose their appeal for some people - as long as they don't have to live with the results. The fact that this whole Star Chamber-style affair took place in Brazil speaks volumes.