Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Tastes Great, Less Whipping

This is Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's response to WDIV-TV's report that the city of Detroit has spent $130K over three years on bottled water for city employees:

Slavery is over. It is. We don't need to wait for massa to tell us to get some water. If my employees want water, they're going to get water...I think it's money well spent.

I had my doubts about Detroit's "hip-hop" mayor from the moment he assumed control of the city; he's exceeded them. The bottled water controversy is just one of many apparent financial discrepancies and misappropriations that have occurred on his watch. I've only noted this particular one because his exccedingly cynical reply appears to have been ripped straight from former Detroit mayor Coleman Young's Greatest Hits: The Race Card Collection. Uh, yeah, Mr. Mayor, slavery is over. Simon Legree isn't lurking near the drinking fountain. But thanks for clearing that up. And while we're at it, let's hang a slogan on said H20 product: how does "tastes great, less whipping" sound to you?