Wednesday, May 04, 2005

You Want Some of Dis?

The ever so tolerant mouth-piece of the "Religion of Peace" is, once again, making peace ovatures toward the U.S.

The spiritual leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is warning the U.S. to stay out of his country's business – and, in particular, its nuclear program, which is set to resume this week.
Speaking on a tour of southeast Iran, Khamenei called the U.S. "arrogant," "rude" and said the country "deserved a punch in the mouth."

We deserve a "punch in the mouth," eh. Why is it that these countries seem to like to resort to bar room diplomacy? The U.S. is routinely criticized for employing "gun-boat" diplomacy, but here is a country on the edge of acquiring nuclear weapons offering up a knuckle sandwich. This is the part where the Middle East nations don't understand us. We may be leary of wielding the "big stick" for fear of becoming, that which we loath, a totalitarian bully. But that doesn't mean we won't use "the big stick."

Europe doesn't get it either. This is why, North Korea, Iran (and before that Iraq and Libya) don't take them seriously.

Iran announced yesterday it is likely to resume uranium enrichment-related activities next week, following a breakdown in negotiations between the Shiite regime and the European Union.
Tehran's announcement after talks in London with European negotiators yielded no results. France, Britain and Germany, acting on behalf of the 25-nation European Union, were seeking guarantees from Iran that it will not use its nuclear program to make weapons.

Guarantees that it will not use its nuclear program to make weapons?!? What the hell do they need a nuclear program for? Sure, if they had a vibrant industrial economy, or houses with electricity and running friggin water, they might need nuclear power. But they don't! They don't have any use for all the power that would be produced in a nuclear program. The end goal of the program is to produce nuclear weapons. And what would a radical Islamic country, in close proximity to Israel do with nuclear weapons? My seven-year-old can see that scenario without my help.

So, if Ayatollah Ali Khamenei wants to talk smack. If Iran really wants to through down. Bring it on. We will end what they start. Lets just hope it isn't a cold can of nuclear whup-ass we have to open on them.