Monday, June 13, 2005

Flip-flops Are Not Formal Wear

Oy! Ok, I haven't had a chance to mine the news for stuff, but this is bugging the crap out of me.

Since when did flip-flops (or thongs as they were called when I grew up, though that is a whole different issue) become formal attire? Ok, so I don't like flip-flops to begin with. They are alright to wear in one of those communal showers at camp, you know the ones with several inches of primordial ooze on the floor. But to wear them around the mall, or at work, they are just damn uncomfortable and make that stupid flopping noise.

But then, I caught sight of one of my cow-orkers. He was dressed in a sharp, charcoal gray suit, snazzy tie, and you guessed it, black flip-flops. Dressed very nicely in a professional looking suit, but with flip-flops on his feet. What is the deal?

So, I am relating this story to my wife (who works in the bridal industry), and she tells me that it is becoming the fashion for weddings. Twenty-nothing girls are coming in to get fitted for $5,000 wedding dresses and planning to wear some 49 cent plastic flip-flops down the aisle. There once was a time when people dressed in style. Men wore suits. Women wore dresses. And flip-flops didn't exist.