Friday, June 10, 2005

I'm Not a Reporter, but I Play One on TV

You know that the legacy, main stream media are circleing the toilet when they start allowing (or recruiting) actors to play journalists in real life.

TEHRAN (AFP) - Hollywood actor Sean Penn has swapped greasepaint for notebook as he visits Iran to cover the presidential elections next week for a California newspaper.

Well, maybe if he doesn't come back...

But seriously folks, what qualifications does Mr. Penn have? Did he go to journalism school? Has he penned (hehe sorry for the pun) any articles for any kind of news agency? No, but this puts him in the running as a journalist.

His refusenik roots were deep. His father, Leo Penn, was an actor, writer and director during the McCarthy era. Called before the Un-American Activities Committee, he refused to name names, was branded a Communist and blacklisted - forcing him to move into TV.

Ah, dear old dad was a card-carrying commie, so he comes by his anti-American rantings honestly, eh?

So, in the wake of Jason Blair, Dan Rather and Michael Isikoff the MSM has had to resort to recruiting moonbat actors to make-up their news.