Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Story You Never Hear

According to The American Enterprise, the war in Iraq is already in the bag.

This is what I've been getting at; not so much the fact that we are in the period of reconstruction following the war, but that there is a lot more to this story than terrorist attacks and American casualties. My local paper, The Detroit Free Press, leans particularly toward reporting the latter (KIA of the Week, great for morale, thanks Freep), even though it's currently having the vapors over The Downing Street Memo (starring Angela Lansbury, right?)

Newsweek, meanwhile, all but advocates US surrender to the Terrifying Ten-Foot Tall Super-Terrorists Who Breathe Fire And Cannot Be Appeased By Cringing. Why is it that If you're a liberal, the enemy is always unbeatable, be he the USSR (anyone seen those guys lately?), Iraq, The Taliban, Osama Bin Laden, Karl Rove, or Evil Otto? Better to drop some bombs from 30,000 feet up on unoccupied enemy targets (ala Bosnia) and hope maybe that really loud noises scare the other side
to the negotiating table, right? By any stretch of the imagination, Iraq is a far greater success story than that liberal donnybrook, Bosnia. But if you get your news strictly from the MSM, you'd swear otherwise.