Sunday, July 24, 2005

And Hollywood Wonders...

... why they aren't making money like they used to.

The wife was out of town for a couple days. This left this ol' Cracka at home with his oldest youngin' cracka. And before you start thinking strippers and kegs, he's only eight, so that kind of stuff was out of the question. Anyhow, I was looking for something to do with my offspring on a Friday night. Harking back to my days of freedom (and noting the inability to do the aforementioned) I thought maybe we would go to a movie.

Do you know how many kid-friendly movies there are out right now? In Toledo, exactly two. Everything that was playing in the city was PG-13 or above. Now, I am not some stick in the mud cracka who won't take his kid to anything with PG-13 or above rating. But I'm not going to spring some kind of dis-memberment fest on my son a la Revenge of the Sith. I considered Batman Begins, but knowing how Bruce can get kinda moody especially when it comes to seeing his parents murdered before his eyes. And then there is the Fantastic Four. My son was interested in that one, but the description said something about Adult Themes or some such, and I didn't feel like trying to explain what Mr. Stretch could be doing with the Invisible Girl. Though seeing Jessica Alba in a skin tight outfit might make up for her mediocre acting ability.

So anyway, I keep hearing the Hollywood types complaining that American audiences are not sophisticated enough for their movies. And each week, the box office receipts for the latest "big hit" is reminiscent of earlier days, despite the rising cost of tickets. Well, what do they expect? Hollywood keeps foisting upon us, the movie-going public, increasingly mediocre movies at increasingly higher ticket prices. For the price of watching the latest sequel or prequel (thanks for that new trend George) I could buy it on DVD, and watch it in the comfort of my own home. Yet Hollywood still cranks out this crap, and movies like March of the Penguins kicks Fantastic Four and War of the Worlds in the teeth.

That is based on how much March is making per showing compared to the other two. March of the Penguins is showing in far fewer theaters because it is listed as a foreign film and thus is only being shown in art house theaters. You can guess which movie we went to see.