Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bush Sandbags Just About Everyone

I love it when the media drop the ball. I reported yesterday that Edith Clement would be nominated to replace O'Connor on the SCOTUS. However, Bush actually nominated John Robert's Jr. instead. Not a bad piece of work the Bu$hHitler/Chimpy incompetent president. Of course I am sure the moonbats will blame Rove but that is another article.

While Republicans are praising President Bush's Supreme Court nominee, Judge John G. Roberts Jr. most Democrats say they are "keeping their powder dry" until Roberts' background is thoroughly investigated.

Let's translate that. In other words, the republicans are happy with a nominee who has a proven track record as a conservative/constructionist jurist. The democrats on the other hand are waiting for their bully-boys to get done digging up every little black mark from Judge Robert's past. Such as the time he cheated on his math homework in the first grade, or the time he cut in line at lunch in highschool.

I can already hear the well practiced screeches and howls from the left. This is just the beginning of the muck raking and character assassination. I feel bad fro Judge Roberts, he sounds like a nice guy. But now he has to put up with the political bull crap in his confirmation hearings.