Saturday, July 16, 2005

Can Someone Please Explain?

The irrational fear the liberals have of Karl Rove.

I just don't get it. Yeah, so he helped GW win the presidential election in 2000. So, he helped GW win again in '04. So freaking what! I can not recall when any side has so vilified a person, for no apparent reason. One of my cow-orkers (that's not a typo) earnestly asked me if I thought the Imperial March (aka as Darth Vader's Theme) should play when Rove walks into a room.

First it was V.P. Dick "Dr. Evil" Cheney. He was the puppet master behind GW. However, after four years of not getting baseless allegations to stick, the liberals have shifted their focus to Darth Rove. He has been accused of all sorts of kooky plots from the non-sensical to the treasonous. And for what, because he led a successful presidential campaign?

If the liberals would put half of the effort they have put into smearing Cheney and Rove into composing a coherent plan for improving America, or hell into self-evaluation to figure out why they hate America so damn much, they could make some serious political inroads.