Thursday, July 07, 2005

Casualty Reports

NOTE by Cracka Jack at 12:36 pm est 8 July 05: I began posting the casulty numbers at about 8:10 am est on 7 July 05.

Fox News is reporting that at least two were killed in this morning's blasts.

At least two people were killed and nine injured in the nearly simultaneous blasts, and officials shut down the entire underground transport network. Media reports said the number of casualties was up to 150 people. Police said they believe there may be a "number of" fatalities.

This is being confirmed by Sky News.

Two people have been confirmed dead and at least 90 people injured in the explosion at Aldgate Station.

And again at CNN.

Four explosions in London's transport system have killed at least two people and wounded dozens more in what UK Prime Minister Tony Blair said was an apparent terrorist attack. A group calling itself the "Secret Organization group of al-Qaeda Organization in Europe" claimed responsibility in a Web site posting. The authenticity of the claim could not immediately be verified.

ITN is reporting a much higher number of fatalities.

At least two are dead and 150 seriously injured, and the confirmed death toll is expected to grow, with a Government spokesman talking of 20 people dead.

UPDATE by Cracka Jack 10:21 am est.

Sky News is reporting 42 fatalities. I thought 20 would be a low number, sorry to say I was right. Over 1000 injuries have been reported as well.

At least 45 people are reported to have been killed and 1,000 injured in a series of terror attacks on London.

UPDATE by Cracka Jack 3:10 pm est.

Sky News is not saying 37 are dead, color me confused.

At least 37 people have been killed and 700 injured in a series of terror attacks on London.

So, did 5 people who died, come back to life? Or maybe the found a few people who they thought were lost?

BBC confirms 37.

London bombings toll rises to 37

UPDATE by Cracka Jack 8 July 21:41

Death toll now closes in on 50 according to Sky News.

More than 50 people are now known to have been killed in the terror attacks in the capital, say police - 13 of them in the bus bombing in Tavistock Square.

There are 49 confirmed fatalities, but police insist that will rise with more bodies to be recovered from the tunnel at Russell Square.

Numbers confirmed by BBC.

More than 50 people died in the London bomb attacks, the head of the Metropolitan Police has said.

Although only 49 people are confirmed dead, Sir Ian Blair said an unknown number of bodies remain in the blast-hit Tube train at Russell Square.

I wanted to "cap off" the casualty report this morning (well afternoon). While the number of dead will rise as they are able to clear the "tubes" I don't think continually posting numbers at this point will serve any clear purpose. We can just thank God the death toll wasn't higher considering all the wounded.

Again, my heart goes out to the dead, injured and their families.