Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hate to Say I Told You So

In this post a few days ago, I predicted that the Senate Democrats would obstruct any Supreme Court nominee that President Bush sent up the hill. Well guess what, according to a story in the WaPo, the Democrats are poised to do just that.

Democrats signaled that whoever the nominee is, their three likely lines of attack will be to assert the White House did not consult them sufficiently, then paint the nominee as ideologically extreme and finally assert that the Senate had not received sufficient documents about the candidate. But Senate Democratic aides said they will focus for now on bipartisan consultation and not publicly prejudge the nominee.

So, whoever the nominee is, not matter if the President consults with the Democrats, they will attack on these three fronts. Well, color me surprised. This is all the Democrats have left. They lost in the '02 elections. They lost the '04 Presidential election, showing that '00 was no a fluke (or stolen election). So now, they are reduced to tossing out road blocks and speed bumps whenever the Republicans try to accomplish anything.

We, the electorate, must watch our elected delegates very closely as this process moves forward (assuming it is allowed to move forward).

H/T to Patterico's Pontifications via Conservative Grapevine.