Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Meanwhile, This Mick's Getting Started Up

Not you, too, Mick!

I guess one of the songs being considered for The Rolling Stones' first new album in eight years is titled "Sweet Neo-con," or "Neo-con," and is the usual ROCK! attack on Bush I've come to expect from anyone who can put three chords and "Yeah, yeah, yeah," together. The Stones' publicist maintains that the song isn't about W, though. Hmm. Seems like that "man of wealth and taste" the Stones once sang about finally found himself a new gig.

Don't think that I've got something against the Stones. I don't. While I personally feel that the last true Stones album was "Undercover" and their last great album was "Tattoo You," I tend to go deaf upon hearing anything more recently produced by them. I mean, Good Lord, they've been at it for forty-plus years. Keith Richards looks as if he might have wandered out of the Oldavai Gorge - Quest For Fire For Smoke.

I just don't think "Neo-Con," is going to be "Sympathy for the Devil," by a long shot. That part - that genius - of the Stones, belongs to the past. And that isn't my politics talking, that's just my instincts. Ten of any of the current crop of anti-war ROCK! songs aren't even worth a line from Creedence Clearwater Revival's catchy (and engagingly defiant) "Fortunate Son". They're dumb, clumsy, and obvious. Iraq isn't Vietnam, current anti-war rock drops bombs, and the Stones don't really Roll anymore.