Monday, September 26, 2005

Gays Bash Boy Scouts

The left's attitudes toward the Boy Scouts at times seems very schizophrenic (yes, I know schizophrenic is not the correct term, what most people think of as "multiple personalities" is more properly known as disassociation, most people don't know that and thus schizophrenic while technically incorrect, conveys the correct sentiment). One minute the left sees the Scouts as a private religious organization which in their eyes can't receive any official, public, political recognition, and at other times is a public organization subject to their zaniest whims. After forcing the military and other government agencies to distance themselves from the private religious scouts, they have swung (pun intended) back the other direction in an attempt to force liberal values on scouting.

A coalition of homosexual activists and atheists plan to march on a Boy Scout camp in San Diego next month demanding the organization open its membership and leadership to them.

Oh yes, lets let a bunch of village people, wanna-bes hike out into the woods to protest the Boy Scouts. Lets see how far they get in their leather vests and high-healed, jack boots. I can see that working out very well.

Beside demanding the Boy Scouts open their ranks to practicing homosexuals and atheists, the group also apparently seeks the admission of girls to the organization.

Ok, so what part of BOY scouts do they not understand? Isn't that why there is a separate organization called the GIRL scouts? Of course if you are gender confused, that might make it difficult to see the difference in the two organizations.

In previous protests, the group has equated the Boy Scouts with the Ku Klux Klan. The group has attracted celebrities in its cause.

Yes, that's why we don our khaki robes and burn a flure de lys on gay couple's front lawns. Just vitriolic hyperbole from the left. Does it really serve any purpose to equate an organization whose goal is to make young men better people with an organization whose sole goal is to eliminate certain races from the American continent?

But this brings me to a question that I have been wondering about for a while. If you are an atheist lesbian teen, why in the world would you want to join a group who's values include a healthy spiritual life (and it doesn't matter which spirits you choose) and traditional American values? You wouldn't. Rather, you would seek to weaken such a group. You would want to dilute their moral values, and subvert their goals in order to make your own values and goals more palatable to the general public. And that is what this is about. Not trying to get the boy scouts to allow gays and girls to go camping in the woods (sounds like a recipe for disaster to me, how many of the female sailors come back pregnant when a ship returns from patrol?). Rather it is to make their extremist liberal views more "mainstream" by weakening institutions who reinforce traditional values.

H/T Kathy Shaidle via Rightwing News