Saturday, September 03, 2005

KKKannibalism in AmeriKKKa!

This is what happens when liberals get hold of a keyboard.

KKKannibalism in AmeriKKKa!

Note that Randall Robinson doesn't offer any quotes to back up these 'reports.' Not ONE reliable source is cited. Not ONE eyewitness is interviewed. He just takes a wild rumor at face value and then proceeds in the usual liberal way straight into raw, self-righteous, unchecked emotion.

Doesn't it seem just a BIT unlikely that it only takes 3-4 days following a natural disaster for the situation to descend into Donner Party II? And with the omnipresent 24-7 media coverage of the event doesn't it seem as if any single documented case of cannibalism had emerged (technically necrophagia, in this case) it would be blared non-stop, 24-7 into American homes everywhere and worldwide?

What's worse are the reader comments concerning Randall's post; many are completely credulous. Liberals are so utterly convinced of the unremitting evil of America that they're willing to believe anything bad - no matter how preposterous - they hear about it. Anything. No eyebrows raised, no questions asked. So here's a suggestion to the folks at The Huffington Post before you pound the keyboards with your fists: try some KKKritical ThinKKKing once in a while.