Thursday, September 01, 2005

A Little Help Might be Nice

Now that Hurricane Katrina has subsided, it seems that the UN is offering help. And Canada. Some other nations are supposedly on board, but my suspicion is that their help will mostly be in the form of pale, underfed undersecretary-undergeneral-types sent to lecture the US on global warming.

On the annoying side, we have boneheads like Venezuela's Hugo "Noriega after Clearasil" Chavez criticizing Bush for basically, well, not doing enough to prepare Americans for Katrina. This, coming from a guy who is so ad-hoc he doesn't even have an official party.

So far I don't know of any celebrities beyond Stephen King and his wife Tabitha offering help to the hurricane victims. Would it be possible to give Cindy Sheehan a rest for a moment, Hollywood? Or give her a break at least until she finally decides whether or not Bush must or must not or must must not or must not must not meet with her?