Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Toledo Gets What it Deserves

Yesterday, the voters of Toledo spoke with a resounding "meh!"

In primary elections held on Tuesday Sep 13, Toledo voters selected former mayor Carty "wild man" Finkbiner and incumbent Jack "who?" Ford to face off head to head in a winner take all death match in November. For a city that is wallowing in its own failure, it is very disappointing to see the voters of Toledo electing to continue the august tradition of mediocrity. Wild man Carty was best known for telling the deaf population of Toledo to move out to the airport and for a grotesque budget deficit. Jack Ford on the other hand is know for, well, not much of anything. His biggest claim to fame is blaming all of Toledo's woes on President Bush (despite the fact that every other major city in Ohio is prospering) and taking credit for economic development that hasn't happened yet (the three, or are we up to four, announcements at Southwyck Mall).

So, rather than vote for new blood and ideas in the form of Keith Wilkowski, or God forbid someone other than a democrat, Ron Ludeman, the people of Toledo have sided with the same failed politicians who have driven this city into the ground.

SHTURMGRUPPA: You can almost see Beavis and Butthead doing "Atlantic City": DAH, DAH-DAH-DAH, DAH-DAH-DAH, DAH-DAH-DAH-DAH!