Saturday, September 03, 2005

What a Freakin Moron

It is times like these that show what people are really made of. People in New Orleans out using what little they have left to rescue their neighbors. People from around the country and the world sending support to the victims of hurricane Katrina. But then there are those who would us this catastrophe to further their own twisted political agenda. People like Kanye West.

Mr. West agreed to participate in a "telethon" style fund raiser sponsored by NBC. In the fund raiser several musicians and other celebrities played music and made impassioned pleas for viewers to donate money to the American Red Cross' hurricane relief fund.

When it came time for Mr. West to make his plea, rather than a call for people to send money, Mr. West maid false and racist political claims. First the false claim. After complaining how "his people" are being portrayed in the media (a point which may have merit) he claimed that "we're being shot!" False. The governor of Louisiana gave a "shoot to kill" order for anyone causing harm to another person. This came in the aftermath of several rapes, murders and even some idiots firing on rescue workers. They are not, Mr. West, shooting your people, unless your people are murderers, and rapists.

Then Mr. West ended his little diatribe with a racist shot at President Bush, which forced the producers of the program to cut to Chris Tucker in the green room to finish what Mr. West should have been saying.

So, having the rare opportunity to make something better of himself, by helping his fellow man, Mr. West choose to spout his political agenda to the world. Mr. West, the hurricane isn't a black or white issue. It isn't because President Bush "doesn't like blacks" that the governor of Louisiana waited for nearly a week to get the relief effort rolling. Crawl back under the rock you came from.