Monday, October 31, 2005

Trick or Treat!

In a most spooky (at least to liberals) announcement, President Bush has made a new nomination for Justice O'Connor's seat on the Supreme Court. Rather than pick an old frat buddy, President Bush actually found a qualified nominee in Federal Appeals Court Judge Samuel Alito.

Drawing an unspoken contrast to failed nominee Harriet Miers, Bush declared that Alito "has more prior judicial experience than any Supreme Court nominee in more than 70 years."

Wow, do you think that having some kind of experience in interpreting the constitution might be a good thing for a Supreme Court Justice? I really hope so. Judge Alito is almost a mirror image of Harriet Miers. He is a Yale Law graduate, he has argued cases before the Supreme Court. He has served as an appleals court judge.

Unfortunately for the liberals, he is also a man, and a conservative. Rather than the wishy-washy semi-conservative or blatantly liberal "swing vote" justice that they want. Now its time for the liberal and democrat hatchet men to get out and start pulling up Judge Alito's 5th grade book report on Puddin Head Wilson to make unsubstantiated claims of racism. Chuck Schumer is already putting his foot in his mouth and the MSM are already preparing the nation for a filibuster. Ah, you gotta love politics on Halloween!