Thursday, November 17, 2005

Crackpot Theory Number One, French Riots Were Caused by Polygamy

As the violence begins to subside in France (which means that they are running out of cars to burn) the French politicians are now turning to trying to figure out the causes (lay blame) for the riots which have racked the country for over two weeks. One of these theories caught my eye as I was looking over the news from Frogistan (hehe thanks Ace). Namely, that polygamous families have caused the riots.

Bernard Accoyer, leader of the Union for a Popular Majority (UMP) in the National Assembly lower house of parliament, told French radio many rioters were Muslim youths from polygamous families who had problems integrating into mainstream society.

Perhaps polygamy is a symptom of a more serious problem? Perhaps the erosion of values might have contributed? Perhaps the decline of your own civilization which allowed for the rise of these polygamous families helped fan the flames that erupted in France? Maybe this is a sign of a more wide spread problem in the French culture, than a few people who shack up together? Has anyone considered that? In an attempt to be compassionate to their poor, the French have segregated them in large, walled off communities. The architecture in these communities is more reminiscent of a prison than a home. All the while, rather than trying to stimulate their economy to provide gainful employment for these people, the French government keeps them oppressed by putting them on the dole. This leads these "youths" to feel more as a Muslim foreigners rather than French citizens. Case in point;

Muslim organisations did not immediately comment but anti-racist organisations condemned the remarks, saying they were racist and could further isolate ethnic minorities.