Friday, November 04, 2005

*Gasp!* The CIA has SECRET Prisons for Terrorists

According to the upright, democratic organization, Human Rights Watch, the CIA has established secret prisons in Eastern European nations, namely Poland and Romania.

BRUSSELS (AFX) - The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has secret prisons in eastern Europe, notably in Poland and Romania, where Al-Qaida suspects may be held, Human Rights Watch said.

And? What's your point?

First, if the HRW can be trusted (and that has yet to be established), so what if the CIA has terrorists holed up in Poland and Romania? These people are not just enemies of the U.S. They are enemies of all Western culture. If you think they don't like us, wait till we are out of the way and they have a free hand to go at the super-secularist governments in Western Europe. Personally, I feel BETTER now that I know that al Qaida thugs are being stuck in small, dank, filthy cubicles in Poland, rather than trying to infiltrate the U.S. to kill our citizens or Iraq, to fight our troops.

When are the hand-wringing liberals going to get it. If these guys get their way, there will be no freedom to complain about the government having secret prisons. There won't be peace demonstrations. Those of us who don't share their extremist views will long for the comfort of a prison like Gitmo, or Poland.