Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"In God We Trust" Under Attack

Everyone's favorite Godless atheist Michael Neudow is at it again. After the Supreme Court told him to shove his last attempt to piss God off, Mr. Neudow is now trying to force his beliefs on the rest of the nation again. This time he wants the government to remove the words "In God We Trust" from all currency.

The Sacramento atheist who is suing local school districts to stop them from having students recite the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance has turned his attention to the nation's currency.

So here he goes butting his nose in where it doesn't belong again. Doesn't this guy have a real job?

"I'm just saying, do like you're supposed to," Newdow said to News10. "Stop taking one position, my side or [indecipherable]. You know, if government came out and said God doesn't exist, that's wrong. I would fight that just as much. I just want government to say we don't have an opinion on religion. American citizens do whatever you want."

So Mr. Neudow, forcing the government to go to extremes to avoid all mention of the possibility of some higher being, or Creator isn't forcing the government to adopt your side of the argument? The phrase mentions God, not a specific God. Not Jesus, not Allah, not Jehovah, not Vishnu, just God. That doesn't sound like taking one side of the argument to me. If you are so secure in your belief that God doesn't exist, why are you worried that some weak-minded, superstitious people might put that word on your coinage? And can you explain how some quaint little platitude forces you to believe in a being you don't believe in?

You know Mr. Neudow, if everyone sued the over every thing that gave even the hint of offence, there would be nothing left of our culture and society.