Friday, November 04, 2005

Ruin Ohio Now

Origonally Posted on Oct 6, reposted for the November 8 Elections by Cracka Jack.

For those of you who live in Ohio, you should become aware that there are slew of issues on the ballot for the November 8 general election. Issues 2, 3, 4 and 5 have been supported by a group calling themselves Reform Ohio Now (RON). My first experience with RON was a T.V. commercial which did a good job of portraying Governor Taft as a goat. What that has to do with reforming the electoral process in Ohio I am not sure, but I have seen tactics like that before. Most notably from political extremist groups like MoveOn where the organization attacks its political opponents rather than actually address what the issues are.

So I felt it was important to actually find out what the issues are. So, I am going to take a look at each of the issues from my admittedly conservative point of view.

Issue 2 would establish a legal basis for allowing people to vote by mail. On the surface this may seem like an ok idea. However, in light of the fact that Ohio already has a process in place for dealing with absentee ballots and provisional ballots this issue seems to be superfluous. Ohio's absentee ballot requirements are sufficiently lenient that anyone who has an even half decent reason for not going to the polls on election day can vote absentee. Additionally, allowing voting by mail would open the door for counting votes from people such as "Superman" or "Cinderella" from people who were offered crack to register new voters, such as happened in the last presidential election cycle.

Issue 3 changes the political donation regulated. This is a response to the Tom Noe scandal. This amendment would limit the amount of money an individual can donate to a political campaign. Sounds good, huh? It also allows for organizations to donate to political campaigns and allows them to keep their donor's secret. This would allow for outsiders (such as George Sorors) to donate large sums of money to candidates without a paper trail. Again opening the system to exploit and abuse by rich contributors.

Issue 4 takes the power to draw political districts from the elected officials to a board of political appointees. In this case, I can't see any potentially good in this issue. Rather than allowing politicians (not an honest lot mind you) who are responsible to their electorate draw political districts it gives this power to a board of appointees who are responsible only to their political cronies. Go to Ohio First to see a map of the potential political districts.

Finally, Issue 5 removes oversight of the elector process from the secretary of state, an elected official, to a "bipartisan" board of political appointees. Again, taking into account the mess the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation, a group of political appointees, has gotten into this seems like a very bad idea too.

In my very un-humble opinion, the move by RON to "fix" the electoral system in Ohio is potentially more damaging for Ohio voters and opens the system more extensive voter fraud.

I challenge Ohioans to look, and decide for themselves.

Here is the ballot issues as they appear on the ballot.

Here is RON, the one's who support the issues.

Here is Ohio First, the one's opposed to the issues.