Saturday, November 12, 2005

Think About the Muppets. Or Not

I work a boring night job, and during breaks I read whatever I can get my hands on. Mostly all that is available are various brain-dead gossip rags. But, we have Vanity Fair, and while Vanity Fair is what People might be if it had gone to community college, at least VF has articles.

One such article concerned PBS. I'm not sure how that muppet-crewed Flying Dutchman continues to wheeze along in this era of satellite, DVDs and digital TV, but there it is. The author of the article, James Wolcott, pillories conservatives for generally disliking PBS. OK, fine. I'd prefer conservatives to concentrate on fighting terrorists, anyway. But somehow this led to drilling in the ANWR (Need money, muppets? See you on the rig, then) and Jim's notion that conservatives want to drill up there solely to be mean to liberals. And caribou. And giant mosquito herds. Not because we might need the oil or because America doesn't run on caribou, but because we're just jerks.

The article then ended - and I'm paraphrasing here - on the note that if America had more Cindy Sheehans, we'd be a better, truer country. Right. The radical left's premier stuntwoman. And I'm left wondering, "now where in the hell did that come from?" In all seriousness, the article read better and was more coherent overall than when broken down into the talking points I've presented here, but still, how did Cindy get into it? I was frankly expecting the other Big Bird.

So, anyway, when PBS comes around again rattling the donation can, think of the Muppets. Or the caribou.