Tuesday, November 08, 2005

WTF is Bloxing?

Two Crackas in my Soup... has been selected for something called "Friday Night Bloxing" over at a Polish web site at polblog.pl. Well I don't know nuttin' about no bloxin' but I can trade punches with some wimpy liberal all night long. Head over and take a gander.

SHTURMGRUPPA: Question is, Two Crackas consists of two crackas, ie, two posters as opposed to the usual one poster per blog. So, I'm assuming we have a 2-1 advantage over potential opponents. That is, unless they team up against us, thereby reducing the odds to 1-1, but then we have four guys in the ring at the same time bloxing with each other, which is technically a blog-room brawl, I think.