Monday, December 12, 2005

And Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out!

This past weekend, the neo-Nutjobs, er I mean Nazis decided to show Toledo, once again that there are a host of morons alive in the world.  Aparently, the chaos they caused on October 15th wasn’t enough for them, so they had to come back to a town that doesn’t want them, just to stir the pot.

It was refreshing seeing the leadership of the city acting, well, like leaders.  Unlike the last time the morons came to town, the police, sheriff’s office and state troopers were ready for anything.  (That included an armored personnel carrier from the Lucas County Sheriff’s office.  I didn’t know the Sheriff had an APC…)

The neo-Nazis were vastly outnumbered by police, protesters, and a crowd estimated at about 150. About 700 police officers were on hand to control the crowd.

During the rally, one of the ass-hats demonstrated his complete lack of a clue when he uttered these immortal words.

During the rally, one of the neo-Nazis, speaking through a bullhorn, said, “Why in the world are the opponents out her opposing us? We stand against gang violence and we stand up for the white race.”

It’s not the opposing gang violence thing these people are protesting buck-o.  Its that whole murdering over nine million people (not including the soldiers who laid down their lives stopping thugs like you) thing that most people can’t seem to get past.  Yet these putzs can’t seem to figure that one out.

Let’s all just hope that this will end the whole mess, once and for all, and they will heed the advice of the crowd.

As the white supremacists left the front of Government Center, protesters chanted, “Don’t come back! Don’t come back!”