Monday, January 30, 2006

He's Baaaaaack...

It didn’t take very long for “Bad” Carty to rear his ugly head, but after hiding for a year prior to the Toledo mayoral election, he has a lot of time to make up for.  Even before Carty was sworn in as mayor, he voice his mighty and wise opposition to the Westgate Village renovation project.  

Carty’s opposition to the project centers on the addition of a CostCo to anchor the shopping center.  For those of you who are not familiar with Toledo, the Westgate Village shopping center is one of our West Toledo malls.  In the 1970’s the mall was the height of the shopping experience.  Thirty years later, the mall is dated and is lacking for an anchor store.  Last year the owners of Westgate unveiled a renovation plan that included a major overhaul of the mall and the addition of a new anchor, CostCo.  This move initially met with the approval of former Mayor Ford and the City Council.  

However, now that Boss Carty is back in the palace, there will be none of those shenanigans.  God forbid, that a company decide what to do with their own property, or their own business.  So far, Carty has floated four of his own plans for the Westgate shopping center.  

At a meeting Jan. 18, Westgate owner Liz Holland said she thought the two sides agreed to work from the original site plan, which is to be reviewed at the Toledo Plan Commission meeting Thursday.

"We didn't seem to be too far apart. [But] the only feedback we've received are other plans," said Ms. Holland, chief executive officer of Chicago-based Abbell Credit Corp., which owns the shopping center. "It's difficult to say what they like or don't like about our plan because they continue to come up with other alternative plans."

I didn’t realize that Carty held degrees in economics, geography, or architecture…

Apparently, Carty is worried that building a business that actually attract customers will draw traffic to the area, and that a “big box” store will be uglier that the empty ‘70’s façade that currently graces the corner.

To top his foray into urban planning, Boss Carty is now displeased with a new law the state government had the audacity to pass.

COLUMBUS - Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner urged Ohio's big-city mayors to fight a new law signed by Gov. Bob Taft yesterday that would prohibit governments from requiring their employees to live where they draw their taxpayer-funded paychecks.

As it stands now, all the working shlubs for the city, have to live in the city, while managers and others with ten years experience have to choice to kiss the glass city good bye.  Boss Carty says that this is so that the workers have an emotional investment in the city.  I have new for you Carty.  I live in Toledo, and I don’t have an emotional investment in the city.  Making the employees live in the city isn’t going to magically make them care for the city.  Perhaps you might try hiring enough police and firefighters to really get the job done.  Maybe you could pay the employees better wages to attract better employees.  Nah, I guess that is just silly talk.

At least I guess that with Bad Carty back, there will be more to write about.