Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What a Dumbass

Former Toledo mayoral candidate, and city councilman, Mike Ferner was arrested for defacing highway overpasses with idiotic, anti-war slogans.  

Mike Ferner, a former Toledo councilman and one-time mayoral candidate, was arrested yesterday with his brother for spray-painting anti-war slogans on overpasses along I-475/U.S. 23 in Maumee and Sylvania Township.

There once was a time when Mr. Ferner was seen as a postitive alternative to the bombastic managerial stylings of Mayor Finkbiner.  Despite whatever Mayor Finkbiner’s critics might say, the mayor hasn’t supported a megalomaniac dictator nor has he been arrested for vandalism.

Mike Ferner has been an active critic of U.S. military action in Iraq and, in 2003, took part in a "peace tour" of that Mideast country. He has several previous convictions for civil disobedience related to war protests or other causes he has taken on.

What I don’t understand is what makes a fairly intelligent person, no matter what political views you might hold, think that by spray-painting crap on the side of an overpass is going to change the president’s foreign policy?

Ms. Carter said the graffiti is one of her husband's nonviolent tactics for speaking out against injustice, and he "has always been prepared to go to jail."

In keeping with the great tradition of other non-violent protesters like Gandi and Martin Luther King, Mike Ferner will certainly go down in history for his immortal protest against the war on terror "Bye Bush! Hi Robb!".

Or maybe everyone will just ignore the washed up-has been idiot.