Thursday, February 09, 2006

Looking For Political Satire in the Muslim World

(originally Posted 2-2-06)
This is probably the strangest turn of events in the war against terrorism. Cartoons are now on the front line.

I'm a little surprised that Europeans have, so far, proven pretty defiant in regards the demands of medieval Islamonuts to cease and desist or risk the usual - decapitation, bombings, and idiotic street demonstrations.

Islamists are also perpetrating faked cartoons in order to further inflame highly flammable Muslims, according to Michelle Malkin and LGF. Isn't that apostasy, however?

You know, it's funny, a film came out a little while ago that sounds like a punchline in and of itself: Looking For Comedy in the Muslim World. Imagine the reviews: "I was in pieces", "I laughed my head off," "I thought it would bomb - and it did!"

But why bother looking for comedy in The Land Without Indoor Plumbing, if even a political cartoon leads to jihad?

**Updated by Cracka Jack 2-9-06**
Ah, yes. The religion of peace, once again takes to the streets in that peaceful manner that only they have mastered. Does anyone else find it ironic that these useful idiots are rioting with signs written in English (not Dutch) and burning Dutch flags? Not to be insulting to the citizens of these countries, but the average American with our wonderful, liberal education system, couldn't write signs like this in Dutch, let alone know what the Dutch flag looks like. You expect me to believe that these relatively uneducated losers could have whipped all that up by themselves?

**Updated by Scattagun 2-10-06**

What's worse is that many publications world-wide are backing down in the face of calculated Islamo-irrationalism. So, what next? Will we have radical Muslims telling the West what it can and cannot read, watch, eat, and say? Watch out, Denmark - soon to be Dhimmimark - the burkas and beheadings are coming.