Thursday, June 29, 2006

Well, You Asked for It...

Ah yes, Carty is back.

After putting on his "good Carty" mask for the elections last year, the old Carty is back.

In an exclusive interview with ONN affiliate WNWO's Rob Packard Tuesday morning, police chief Jack Smith said he was stepping down due to differences with Mayor Carty Finkbeiner.

Did Chief Smith and ol' Blood and Guts Finkbeiner have a professional disagreement regarding policy? No, of course not. This is Carty we are talking about here.

Smith says he had a meeting with Carty on gang problems in Toledo. The meeting turned into an argument that nearly became physical.
I guess its a good thing Carty didn't have any coffee mugs to through at the Chief.

The Chief, a marine, and a command officer loved by his subordinates shouldn't have to put up with the petty name calling that is Carty's trademark management style. Carty should be ashamed of himself. What's more, we, the residents and voters in Toledo should be ashamed of ourselves for returning Carty to office. We should be ashamed that in a city like Toledo, the only choices for mayor were Jack "do nothing" Ford and Carty "meltdown" Finkbeiner. Well, when you ask for garbage, that's what you get.